I Got My Garage Back!

My family and I recently relocated from Texas to Scottsdale and in doing so, downsized our home. By the time we had finished moving in, I was left with a garage so full of “stuff” that I had no room for our cars. Faced with paying for a storage space or leaving my cars in the driveway from now on, I contacted Bob at Monkey Bar Storage. Bob showed up that same day, surveyed my garage, took some measurements and worked-up an estimate. Three days later he came back and got to work. When he was finished, I had a solid, well designed storage system and my garage back! The combination of the shelves and hooks have made it to where I’m able to get 90% of what’s in my garage off the floor and out of the way, and yet still have access to everything. This is a great system and Bob did a great job of putting it together. He even stuck around to help me arrange my stuff. I’m one very satisfied customer.

Jane RScottsdale, AZ