We had been searching for a garage storage solution for a couple of years. We had a few other companies quote us on the overhead racks, but couldn’t get comfortable enough to pull the trigger. Most of them hung low and felt intrusive, but even more bothersome they were quite limited on weight capacity and required you to store your items in such a manner where you would have to move several items to get to the items in the back (an issue of depth). Our home has very limited storage inside so we needed a long-term solution; not a temporary one, and Monkey Bars fit the bill. First, let me just say how professional and courteous everyone at Monkey Bars was. Brad Wilson, our local dealer and installer, was incredible. Brad discussed our options in detail and was very considerate of our budget; working to ensure that we got the most bang for our buck. We ordered a few racks; the 12’, 8’, 4’ and garden tool and two sets of drop down shelves as well as the Epoxy flooring. During the installation process, Brad was meticulous. He acted as though it were HIS garage and wanted everything done just right. My husband and I are very particular, so for him to get it better than we asked say’s something. On top of this he and his assistant installer were just a joy to work with. We knew the results would be good, but we had no idea they’d be great. He completely exceeded our expectations in every way. For the first time ever we can actually park in our garage. There isn’t anything on the floor and maybe the best part; we still have plenty of room for future storage. Even random neighbors have stopped by and complimented us on the transformation. We couldn’t be happier with our decision to go with Monkey Bars.

Shane & Kimberly AllredGilbert, AZ