Thank You

First, we would like to say THANK YOU!! It has been a month since we had you out to install our monkey bars and we are wondering why we waited so long. We feel like we have a garage again! On one side of the garage we forgot that we even had a work bench, there was so much stuff on top of it. On the other side of the garage we had a wall of totes with more stuff. Even after we sorted and got rid of some things we still had a disorganized mess. We were always embarrassed for anyone to look into our garage.
Since you have installed the Monkey Bar shelves we are very proud of our garage! We park 2 cars in EASILY and we no longer shimmy around to get to things we need. Everything is easy to see and reach when needed and best of all it’s all out of our way. Ron never spent much time in the garage until now. We sometimes just keep the garage door open so everyone can see.
We are very pleased with the professional job Brad and Randy did. We have let everyone know how happy we are with the job.

Ron & Sally E.San Tan Valley, AZ