We love our garage thanks to Monkey Bars of Phoenix. Bob came out and provided a detailed proposal that met our needs and objectives without all the up selling and pressure that I received from other suppliers. I cannot say enough about the quality, attention to detail and energy Monkey Bars puts into their product. We are satisfied beyond expectations and I enjoy going into my garage and seeing others ask, “How did you get this so organized and neat?”
Thanks Monkey Bars for a great job!

Dianna & Christopher K.Cave Creek, AZ

My first reaction to the Monkey Bar storage system was to the system’s ability to hold a thousand pounds of material every four linear feet. Other systems I have seen from the “Big Box” stores have a capacity of only 250 to 500 pounds and are not as accessible as the Monkey Bar system. Secondly, I was very impressed with your excitement about the Monkey Bar system and your personal integrity. I never felt you were “high pressuring” me into purchasing a system. I felt you firmly believed that your personal commitment to the quality of the Monkey Bar system would speak for itself. The system installation was flawless, and I am enjoying the organization and efficiency of my garage. In just two short weeks, I have had several friends comment on the quality and organizational logic of the Monkey Bar system.

Thomas BillGilbert, AZ

First, we would like to say THANK YOU!! It has been a month since we had you out to install our monkey bars and we are wondering why we waited so long. We feel like we have a garage again! On one side of the garage we forgot that we even had a work bench, there was so much stuff on top of it. On the other side of the garage we had a wall of totes with more stuff. Even after we sorted and got rid of some things we still had a disorganized mess. We were always embarrassed for anyone to look into our garage.
Since you have installed the Monkey Bar shelves we are very proud of our garage! We park 2 cars in EASILY and we no longer shimmy around to get to things we need. Everything is easy to see and reach when needed and best of all it’s all out of our way. Ron never spent much time in the garage until now. We sometimes just keep the garage door open so everyone can see.
We are very pleased with the professional job Brad and Randy did. We have let everyone know how happy we are with the job.

Ron & Sally E.San Tan Valley, AZ

We had been searching for a garage storage solution for a couple of years. We had a few other companies quote us on the overhead racks, but couldn’t get comfortable enough to pull the trigger. Most of them hung low and felt intrusive, but even more bothersome they were quite limited on weight capacity and required you to store your items in such a manner where you would have to move several items to get to the items in the back (an issue of depth). Our home has very limited storage inside so we needed a long-term solution; not a temporary one, and Monkey Bars fit the bill. First, let me just say how professional and courteous everyone at Monkey Bars was. Brad Wilson, our local dealer and installer, was incredible. Brad discussed our options in detail and was very considerate of our budget; working to ensure that we got the most bang for our buck. We ordered a few racks; the 12’, 8’, 4’ and garden tool and two sets of drop down shelves as well as the Epoxy flooring. During the installation process, Brad was meticulous. He acted as though it were HIS garage and wanted everything done just right. My husband and I are very particular, so for him to get it better than we asked say’s something. On top of this he and his assistant installer were just a joy to work with. We knew the results would be good, but we had no idea they’d be great. He completely exceeded our expectations in every way. For the first time ever we can actually park in our garage. There isn’t anything on the floor and maybe the best part; we still have plenty of room for future storage. Even random neighbors have stopped by and complimented us on the transformation. We couldn’t be happier with our decision to go with Monkey Bars.

Shane & Kimberly AllredGilbert, AZ

I just wanted to take a few minutes and tell you how thankful I am for the amazing job you & your employee (Randy) did.
As you are aware I moved in a few months ago to my new home here in San Tan Valley Arizona shortly after my husband passed away.
The fear that is so overwhelming in losing a loved one but also having to learn how to do things on your own, like purchasing a new home.
So many people you have to deal with , so many decisions you have to make. All the while you hope and pray everyone will be honest and not try to take advantage of you.
I must say, Your post card that came in the mail could not have come at a better time. The new year had come and gone and I knew my garage was the last thing I had to take care of. So many boxes, so many storage units. Then I received your post card about Monkey Bars. When I got home from picking up my mail I called you immediately, knowing it should be after hours but hoping you or someone would call be back on Monday. Of course I was wrong, you called me with in 15 min. of my call. You were at a home show and still took the time to call me and set a time for Monday for us to talk. You did not wait till Monday late morning or Monday afternoon to call, you called me first thing in the morning. I was so impressed by your customer service. You are one of the few that do what they promise to do. If I thought I was impressed by our initial meeting what was to come by the product was going to leave me speak less.
I wish I could tell everyone, how amazing your professionalism is, your timeliness is, the courtesy of your employees, the compassion you all have for each situation but also how fabulous the product is. As silly as this may sound, I have gone out into my garage several times today just to look at my amazing garage. There is so much room now!
Not only did you build my storage shelves, but you also assembled everything in the proper place. Not even the movers I just had ( whom I have to say I paid an unbelievable amount too) took the time to place my precious belongs where I wanted them to be. But you all did.
Then today I met your unbelievable wife Holly. She is so wonderful. so friendly, so helpful. Here after the job was done and it was time to move on to your next appointment she takes the time to just visit with me. Allowing me to talk while she listened.
I promise over the next weeks and months I will make a point to leave my garage open for all to see the amazing work you did. Hopefully they will stop and ask, then I can share about your awesome service.
Thank you Brad, I so look forward to working with you again.

Sandy Van E.Mesa, AZ

We are very pleased with our storage installation you did for us recently. We are able to store a lot in a small area. We feel confident the installations of the monkey bar products are sturdy, durable and safe. Thank you for a job well done!

Gina & Kenneth C.Gold Canyon, AZ